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BODOR type 3 kW Fiberpower with tube and hollow section laser cutting option

Laser cutting software

Bodor 2.0 is an excellent laser cutting software. The system processes the typical laser cutting technology parameters.

Flexible layour, creative path editing, on / off guidance, two-part brigdes, co-edges, compensation, smooth, split, combined and auto-sort. The starting height and speed can be specified. As the speed changes, the laser power also adjusts automatically.

Output power laser source: 3.0 kW IPGLaser source medium: FiberLaser wavelength: 1070 nmCutting range: 3000 mm x 1500 mm
Cooling: water coolingPower supply: AC 380V / 50HzStainless steelCarbon steel max. 20 mm
Positioning accuracy: 0.03 mmRepeated positioning accuracy: 0.02 mmMin cutting gap: 0.1 mmMax positioning speed: 100 m / min
Max cutting speed: 35 m / minDiode life of the laser source
more than 100,000 working hours

No manual intervention

The automatic focal length adjustment performed by the operating system effectively eliminates errors and mistakes in manual adjustment.

Auto Focus

Can be used with many focal lengths. The focal length is controlled by the machine’s control system, which automatically adjusts the focus position when cutting and achieves the desired effect for plates of different thicknesses.


The built-in double cooling mechanism keeps the temperature of the alignment and focusing parts constant, prevents overheating of the lenses and extends the life of the lenses. The alignment shield and the focusing shield are used to protect the main components.

High degree of accuracy

The perforation focal length is added. The perforation focal length and the cutting focal length are adjusted individually, making cutting even more precise.

Easy and fast

Use Bodor Lightning technique, perforation time is short, saves 90% of perforation time; Bodor Lightning in combination with Bodor Genius has developed a new process so that perforation is not affected by material quality and we get a perfect cut with the best cutting sections, saving gas and electricity, i.e. cost.

When replacing plates of different thicknesses or materials, the focal length of the manually focused laser head must be adjusted manually, which is low efficiency; while the autofocus laser head automatically reads the parameters pre-stored by the system. Efficiency is high.


GBP Pro 26100 CNC hydraulic edge bender

4 controlled axes (Y1, Y2, X, R),
with motorized table preload
Compression force 100 tonsEngine power 11 kWBending working length 2600 m
Column spacing 2100 mmY bending speed 10 mm / sY high speed 180 mm / sY recurrence wound. 110 mm / s
X axis. movement 650 mmX high speed 500 mm / sR axis. movement 250 mmR high speed 200 mm / s
Table - beam distance. 550 mmStroke 270 mmHopper depth 550 mmPlate bracket 2 pcs
Table height x width 850 x 120 mmWeight approx.6,500 kgOil tank capacity 150 litersSizes:
H x W x D 4300 x 2150 x 2760 mm


Cybelec Modeva Pack 2D or Delem 58TY1, Y2, X, R (Z1-Z2 manual) axes
and motorized table preload CNC controlled
Rugged, low-maintenance four-sided top beamThe position of the upper beam is accurate to 0.01 mm
Linearly guided, ball-spindle-driven two rear bumper X-axisRear stop adjustment 650 mmFiessler AKAS II safety system Fiessler FPSC safety PLCThe safety device moves together with the upper beam
The side and rear doors can be locked electronically, with a control located on the right side of the machineThe measuring system is on the side C-stand
independent to compensate for distortion
Promecam / Amada
top tool holder
2 front disc support arms running on a longitudinally linear wire
High quality hydraulic components (Bosch / Rexroth)Large hydraulic tank for constant oil temperatureMobile, easy-to-use, foot-operated emergency stopSegmented bottom and top


CNC pipe bending machine CNC 114 R1 (with 6000 mm mandrel)

PLC controlMaximum bending Ø114X5 mmMandrel length 6000 mm
Feeding with servo motorRotation with servo motorHydraulic bending
Hydraulic clampingMax hydraulic pressure 240 barEngine power 35 kW
3 colour operation signal lightTimed automatic lubricationMandrel automatic lubrication
Max. bending angle szög 190°Encoder angle measurementAutomatic hydraulic oil cooling
15” PC touch screen3D simulationFlat shape calculation
Manual, semi-automatic and fully
automatic mode (without mandel)
Workpiece counterCE