Molding tool design, casting trial, tool renovation maintenance.
We undertake the design of tools, the production of tools!
All our trained specialists, advanced industrial design software and an excellent machine park create an opportunity for this.


Optical, full-surface 3D measurement technology is a standard quality control tool in the industry. The GOM ATOS measuring system is an industrial, high-resolution, optical 3D coordinate measuring system and scanner that provides fast and accurate 3D data for design, manufacture and maintenance. The device captures a dense point cloud or polygon mesh that accurately describes the surface of an object by measuring the overall geometric shape of the part.

It measures objects of different sizes, surface fineness and complexity:

ATOS 3D digitizers are used in large numbers in various engineering applications to reduce costs and return on investment. For example:

  • Quality Control
  • Reverse engineering
  • Prototype production
  • Fast milling control
  • Digital copying

Our company has extensive experience in the production / assembly quality control of parts and products based on 3D scanning, as well as in the scanning and remodeling of existing parts or tools for redesign, remanufacturing.

Instead of measuring individual points, describe the surface and elements of the object with an accurate measurement point cloud (mesh) or polygon grid that covers the geometry of the entire part.

Our 3D scanning service provides an accurate and cost-effective solution for many different applications.

No CAD data – the dot grid can be designed into a CAD format using the Reverse Engineering technique
Geometric quality improvement – 3D measured and CAD data can be interpreted and optimized in a deviation color map
GOM Inspect allows full-area measurements, analysis of measurement results and further inspections, as well as comprehensive recording.

We also undertake on-site measurements.